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Q & A

*When should I get a manicure and /or pedicure?

We recommend getting your manicure/pedicure the day before your spray tan. But if time is of the essence, you can get them done the same day prior to the spray tan, just let the technician know you can not have any lotions or oils on your skin. So... you'll have to skip that part!!

*Can I use over the counter self tanners with my spray tan?

You can.... But we highly recommend using products offered from our salon that are formulated by Norvell to match your color exactly.Using other products can cause a color change and blotchy patches.

*How long does a spray tan last?

In general, your spray tan will last 7 to 10 days with proper care, but it will start to gradually fade before this time.Your skin naturally continues to regenerate itself causing old skin cells to slough away (shed) revealing paler skin beneath.

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